Dr. Ryan Montague

TEDx Talk

“You Never Asked: The Game Changing Conversation You Never Had”

Ryan Montague is an Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at Azusa Pacific University. He received his PhD in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication from the University of Missouri.

Ryan believes that we, as a collective, need to approach conversation as if it has the potential to change the trajectory of either our life or the life of the person with whom we are communicating in small or significant ways. He affirms that the best way to accomplish this is by developing a grand passion for people, expanding our ability to make insightful distinctions in conversation, and consistently striving to bring about positive outcomes in our relationships.

Ryan has published two books: Divine Opportunity: Finding God in the Conversations of Everyday Life, and Interpersonal Communication Virtuosos: Grand Passion, Insightful Distinctions, and Skilled Engagement.

Ryan has a beautiful wife, Debra, two ridiculously cute kids, David (5) and Makenna (3), and he and his wife have one more baby girl on the way.  He enjoys eating non-vegetarian sandwiches and has seen the movie Frozen a few dozen times. His favorite TED Talks are The Happy Secret to Better Work by Shawn Achor and Everyday Leadership by Drew Dudley.