Dr. Skyla Herod

TEDx Talk

“The Moral Imperative for Building Resilient Brains”

Skyla M. Herod, Ph.D. is a behavioral neuroscientist and Fulbright scholar whose research examines the ways in which stress exposure and serotonin deficiency shape fetal and early adolescent brain development. Dr. Herod earned her Ph.D. in behavioral neuroscience from OHSU and previously worked at the Oregon National Primate Research Center in Beaverton, Oregon, where she studied the brain mechanisms underlying the susceptibility to stress-induced infertility in female monkeys. At APU, Dr. Herod teaches undergraduate students in the Department of Biology and Chemistry and in the Honors College, directs APU’s Brain Awareness Week, and is the faculty advisor and District Director of Beta Beta Beta, the National Honor Society in the Biological Sciences. Working alongside undergraduate research students, Dr. Herod’s active research program utilizes genetic mutant mice deficient in normal functioning of the serotonin system to study fetal and placental sources of serotonin in directing neurodevelopment, and how adolescent stress exposure shapes the brain for future stress responses.